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Most of my photographs are printed on metal with the exception of some of the panoramic and aerial photos. The metal printing reproduces the vivid colors and definition extremely well and is very durable. Typically all the metal prints are also framed with a simple contemporary dark wood. Of course your choice of print size determines the price of the print but will also affect any shipping costs. By requesting a specific size and destination I can quote you a correct price. Some unique sizes are slightly more than the standard 8x10's, 11x14's and so forth. The aspect ratio (width to length ratio) of some photos may limit size availability.

Sample prices:

8x10 - $45

11x14 - $70

16x20 - $115

​A recent addition to the mediums used for printing is a high definition vinyl print applied to an ACP (aluminum composite panel). These have a color and definition resolution similar to the metal prints but can be up to ten feet wide. Each would have to be quoted for price based on length and height.

Thank you for looking. I hope you enjoy the beauty of our world as I do.


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Stark Art and Images