Stark Art and Images


Our world is filled with many wonderous, beautiful and amazing things and sights. Too bad sometimes we are only in that place for a brief moment in time, or the image changes, diminishes. If only we can capture what our eyes see.

From an early age I was allowed to experiment with my father's cameras, and perhaps it was his enthusiasim that infected me, to continue to grow, learn, and explore photography.

I must confess that as a career aircraft technician my photography is certainly more passion than profession and I learn more every day, see things differently through a camera lens and view our amazing world with an image in mind.

I hope that you, as I do, enjoy these images, efforts to capture a place, a view, something miniscule, something majestic, a moment in time, unique and fleeting, and savor it for years to come.

Thank you,

Lance Stark